writing & research

I organize a data center walk in Science Park, Amsterdam
Upcoming walk in mid June 2024 - Stay tuned!
May 2023/2024
guest workshop
"Big Questions in Artificial Intelligence and Data"
Amsterdam University College
April 2023
as part of Critical Infrastructure Lab launch day 0 workshops
Program | Documentation
May 2022
Web-to-Print Zine | Documentation
Reach out if you're interested in joining a future walk!

Paper presentation at CIRC 2023!
I will be presenting my paper
“Unalived” vs #RiceRabbit: A comparative study on bottom-up user resistance practices around algorithmic visibility on Weibo and TikTok
at CIRC 2023, July 2023, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Far and Near
a newsletter highlighting the best visual stories told through local Chinese perspectives.

Chaoyang Trap
a newsletter about internet culture in China.


I'm currently interested in the notion of visibility, anonymity and secrecy
in relation to the practice of everyday life and everyday form of resistance
in online and offline spaces.
I've participated in several digital methods data sprints
working on the following research projects:
Mapping the ‘memory loss’ of disinformation in fact checks (winter 2023)
The Role of Generic Visuals in Assembling Publics in the News (summer 2022)
The Evolution of Super Apps (summer 2022)
Tracing the genealogy and change of TikTok audio memes (winter 2022)


above: a web-to-print experiment
right: a 16-page A5 booklet that can be read front-to-back and back-to front, and a bonus 8-page fold zine
(click on the photo to read more)


I used to work as a freelance photojournalist in China.
Here are some of my published photojournalism work:
Room and Bored: quarantine in a Beijing hotel
The Delivery Drivers Risking it all to Keep China Fed
The road to electric is filled with tiny cars
China’s lonely hearts reboot online romance with artificial intelligence
See more at my portfolio site


I worked as a researcher and producer on documentary film projects.
Here are some selected projects:
To Knock or Call
China's Pyscho Boom from Life in Lockdown for Vice News
Supply and Demand in China’s Supercharged Delivery Economy for Vice News
My American Surrogate for NYT op-doc


Yan Cong is a researcher and visual storyteller based in Amsterdam, The NetherlandsShe previously worked as a photojournalist and video producer in Beijing for 6 years. Her work has been published internationally such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Vice. Yan was selected as one of the six global talents in Asia by World Press Photo's 6x6 program, and was a Logan Nonfiction Fellow at Carey Institute for Global Good.Yan is the co-founder of Far & Near, a newsletter highlighting stories created and published by Chinese visual journalists, artists, and filmmakers that are not typically seen internationally. She is a member of Women Photograph and Diversify Photo.Yan holds an M.S. in journalism from Columbia Journalism School, and is currently pursuing a research Master in media studies at University of Amsterdam.